Visual Redesign of Cheese or Font

Elements of Cheese or Font


  • Cheese or font? column
  • Enter C or F column
  • “Play Quiz” button
  • Score
  • Timer


  • How to play
  • Forced order
  • Wrong answers will appear in red
  • Title: Can you name the cheeses or fonts?
  • # of plays
  • Rating
  • Creator
  • Score Distribution


  • Comments
  • Popular quizzes today
  • Ads
  • “You might also like” section
  • “You’re not logged in!” section
I enlarged the names of the cheeses and fonts

What should be grouped? The cheese/font and the participant’s answer should be grouped. The user ratings, comments, and score distribution should be grouped, since they all relate to other players. The score, timer, and how to play section should be grouped, since they all support gameplay.

What is different, and thus should be separated from gameplay? The title of the quiz. Also, the play quiz button.

I really enjoy the graphic design of the game Two Dots, on iOS. It harnesses the power of grouping really well. Dots have different shapes and hues that a player must read to win the game. Shapes are also used to group dots on color-blind mode, which I like to play in. The game also groups the non-game elements well, putting moves, objectives, and settings at the top of the screen and score, power-ups, and current level at the bottom. It has a very minimalist design with simple shapes and the same 5 colors, allowing the graphic design to blend into the gameplay and let me relax and enjoy the casual game with a sense of abnegation.